KANSAS CITY, MO, December 1 – Author David J. Pedersen has announced the launch of Odysia Press, a new imprint for Fantasy and Science Fiction novels. Initially, Odysia Press will be publishing four titles; Angst, Buried in Angst, Drowning in Angst, and Burning with Angst. Each title will be available through all major online retailers and Ingram wholesale distribution.

The publishing market is in a state of rapid evolution and ebooks have dramatically changed the way authors approach the market. Thanks to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and many others, it’s easier than ever for authors to publish their books directly and avoid the corporate vetting process. While readers are more receptive to consuming self-published novels, indie publishers still need to set a high bar in order to compete. The Odysia Press imprint is another step in affirming the high quality nature of our editorial process, our cover art, and stories.

Odysia Press will also feature stories that are less dark than many being published today. “The focus of our stories is escapism and providing a fun reading experience for everyone who loves Fantasy and Science Fiction,” said David J. Pedersen, Odysia Press founder. “There are an increasing number of dark stories being published today; we’d like to offer a break from that.”

Odysia Press’ first four titles will be available in January 2018. A new Middle Grade/Young Adult title will be available in March 2018.