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David J. Pedersen

Author David J. Pedersen

David J. Pedersen is a native of Racine, WI who resides in his home town Kansas City, MO. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He has worked in sales, management, retail, video and film production, and IT. David has run 2 marathons, climbed several 14,000 foot mountains and marched in Thee University of Wisconsin Marching Band. David published his first fantasy novel, Angst, in 2010. Despite what his wife says, the Angst series is not autobiographical because David doesn’t own a giant, magical sword. He is a geek and a fanboy that enjoys carousing, picking on his wife and kids, playing video games, and slowly muddling through his next novel.

Cristi Pisani Elliott

Cristi Pisani Elliott was born and grew up in her hometown of Kansas City, MO. Cristi has attended over 25 conventions as Faeoris, the Berfemmian warrior from the Angst series of fantasy novels. She also is a beta reader for David’s books and assists with marketing. When she’s not being an awesome friend and a famous model, Cristi spends time with her husband, Brandon, their three dogs and two cats. Needless to say, Cristi loves animals and has donated countless hours to animal shelters and fostering pets.